Wedding Crasher


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Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher was produced from a crossbreed of Purple Punch and Wedding Cake. Though classified as a hybrid, up to 45% of the plant has indica properties. It has a THC content upwards of 20% while having minimal CBD content.

Taste, Aroma and Appearance

Covered in a rich and noticeably thick frosting of trichomes, the buds of Wedding Crashers can be a bit resinous and hard to break apart by hand. A grinder is recommended when creating a serving of this hybrid.

The buds of Wedding Crashers give off a profound skunky and diesel fuel-like aroma, with undertones of sweet vanilla. Some users have reviewed its flavor to be a bit spicy with a hint of vanilla on the exhale.

Medical Benefits

This strain can have up to 20% THC content which can vary somewhat from one bud to the next. It has no high CBD content, but it should be noted that a fairly good high is produced.

Wedding Crasher strain is not widely known for its medicinal effects. It is not extensively used for medical purposes. It might be possible that it could help people with headaches, pain and even chronic body pain. With its high level of THC. Averaging from 12-20%  there is some possibility for it to help in treating the following.  Anxiety, irritability, nausea or appetite loss and swelling.

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