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Lemon Drop

While the aroma and scent are enough to make this strain memorable, it’s not the only thing it’s known for. As the first couple tokes enter the system, the high speeds like a bullet train, going from 0-60 in a flash. Better buckle your seatbelt for this one.

The process begins with intense cerebral stimulation, amplifying the reaction of our senses. It’s the kind of strain that helps you hear colours and see sounds.

An increase in mental activity in most cases causes some anxiety, but not with Lemon Drop – in fact, its the opposite. This energetic Sativa strain is a social star, giving you the gift of gab. No longer do the right words seem out of reach, but are at the tip of your tongue.

What becomes evident is the engaging properties of the strain. Whatever project, task or hobby at hand becomes your entire world. All outside factors don’t matter and the present moment is your only worry.

Hence why those with ADD or ADHD love the strain and swear by its ability to help them focus.

It’s easy to forget that with all that’s going on in your head, there’s a sedative body stone lingering. As the cerebral effects wear off, the body high becomes evident, making it a well-balanced strain.

Lemon Drop is a unique strain made for the daylight. If productivity, engagement, and concentration are what you want in your life, then forget about anything else and let Lemon Drop do the work.


Up to 21-23% THC


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