Global Buds certified labs program

Trusted products start with trusted labs

We believe that there is a higher standard

Making sure that products aren’t just lab tested, but tested by trusted labs.

At Global Buds, we believe people deserve accurate information about the cannabis products they consume so they can have confidence in their purchase and in their experience.  In addition to, we designed the Global Buds Certified Labs Program to combat inconsistency in cannabis testing. First Global Buds  Certified Labs Program helps ensure that cannabis lab data on Global Buds comes from labs that have been confirmed to provide results that consumers can trust.

Furthermore the founding Global Buds Certified Lab Program members share Global Bud’s commitment to providing accurate and trustworthy product data therefore creating a data-driven view of cannabis that empowers consumers, brands and retailers.

Our lab partners are located across the United States and Canada

United States

  • CannTest, Alaska
  • Confidence Analytics, Washington
  • ChemHistory, Oregon
  • SC Labs, California
  • PSI, Michigan
  • MCR Labs, Massachusetts
  • Modern Canna Labs, Florida


  • Anandia, British Columbia